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Putin stirs up the ‘ghost’ of atomic war again and transfers nuclear weapons to Belarus

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko confirms Moscow’s decision to move nuclear weapons to the country in full invasion of Ukraine, although the decision of its “eventual” use remains Russia’s.

“Russia does not transfer nuclear weapons to the Republic of Belarus: control over them and the decision to use them remains with the Russian side“, he assured.

President Vladimir Putin once again stirs up the “ghost” of an atomic war. On March 25, he reported that Russia, following the request of Belarus, would deploy “tactical” nuclear weapons in the neighboring country and also bordering Ukraine, following the example of the United States in allied countries. The construction of storage facilities for this type of weapon is expected to be completed by July 1.

“We had to prepare the place for storage and so on. We did it. For this reason, the transfer of nuclear charges has already begun,” Lukashenko told Russian television, reports ‘Efe’

Both the Russian and Belarusian defense ministers signed the documents regulating the storage of such Russian tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory. In addition, Belarus claims that some of its planes have been converted for “the possible use of nuclear weapons” and the military have already received “proper” training.

A deployment that, as they explain, is based on “an effective response to the aggressive policy of countries hostile to us.”

The US and Japan repudiate the transfer of arms

From USA They call the transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus “irresponsible”, although they see no indication that Russia is preparing to use them. The announcement was also criticized by the European Commission: “A step that only increases the tension” in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The government of Japan has condemned this decision by Russia and imposes new sanctions against Moscow. “We absolutely cannot accept the threat of nuclear weapons from Russia, much less their use,” they highlighted, according to ‘Efe’.

The measures involve the freezing of assets of various organizations and individuals, the ban on exports to 80 Russian organizations, the refusal to export goods “that contribute to the strengthening of the Russian industrial base”, and the ban on the “provision of architectural services and Engineering” to Russia.

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