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The last generation in Germany wants demonstrations

Climate protest group Last Generation in Germany initially favors demonstrations over road blockades after some of its members are cracked down. The group said on Friday that the crackdown “hit everyone hard, but we are not afraid”, urging its supporters to “join a protest march that started next to you”. Meanwhile, the UN showed solidarity with climate activists.

The next show will be held on Friday afternoon (17:00) at the Frankfurter Tor in Friedrichshain. A total of 17 cities were preparing for the demonstrations. Unlike earlier in the week before the raid, no roadblocks were reported. Several hundred people demonstrated in Munich on Thursday evening for the group, for climate protection and against the raid. Demonstrations were held in Berlin and other cities on Wednesday, attended by several hundred people each.

The latest generation alliance has been blocking major roads in many cities since the start of 2022 and calling for more climate protection measures. In Berlin alone, around 2,000 investigations against blockers are carried out by the judiciary. The group is asking the German government to come up with a plan to meet the international 1.5°C target, which aims to prevent the worst effects of global warming. The alliance also wants a social council that will plan to end the use of fossil fuels such as oil, coal or gas in Germany by 2030. A speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour on motorways and a permanent ticket for nine euros is also required.

On Wednesday morning, the Bavarian prosecutor’s office and criminal police searched 15 apartments belonging to members and supporters of the group in seven federal states. The charge was forming or supporting a criminal organization. Seven suspects are being investigated. Two of them are suspected of trying to sabotage the Trieste-Ingolstadt oil pipeline supplying Bavaria in April 2022. The raid was criticized by many as being excessive. The startup complained that its members felt like they were being “treated with serious criminals”.

After the raid, the United Nations emphasized the importance of climate protection and their actions. A spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres said: “Climate activists, led by the moral voice of youth, continued to pursue their goals in the darkest days. They need protection and we need them now more than ever.” in New York.

Guterres spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the protesters played a key role in “decisive moments in persuading governments and business leaders to do much more”. Without them, global climate goals would already be unattainable. However, Guterres’ spokesperson also pointed out that despite the fundamental right of peaceful demonstrations, governments naturally have a responsibility to enforce the law and ensure security.


Source: Vienna

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