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A detachment of NATO warships will arrive in Finland

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A detachment of three NATO ships will arrive on May 27 for a visit to Helsinki. About it reported Naval Forces.

“The visit is part of NATO’s planned operations in the Baltic Sea,” – indicated in the message.

It is noted that the former Norwegian Coast Guard patrol ship HNoMS Nordkapp is leading the group. He is now in command of NATO’s second minesweeper squad. Also arriving in Helsinki are FGS Rottweil from Germany and FS Pegase from France, which specialize in water surveillance.

Together with the Finnish anti-mine ship Katanpaa, the ships will then participate in the Alliance exercise BALTOPS 23, which will take place in the Baltic Sea.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Norway called the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford in Oslo an illogical and harmful show of force.

Source: Ren TV

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