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The drones that attacked Ivan Khurs were launched from a center opened with the participation of the United States

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The unmanned boats that attacked the ship of the Black Sea Fleet “Ivan Khurs” were launched from the naval operations center, which was opened with the participation of the American side in Ochakovo. This was stated RIA News informed source.

This center opened in 2018. At the same time, these drones were controlled using the modules of the American Starlink satellite system built into them, which Ukraine received from Washington.

Targeting was also provided by US intelligence.

At the same time, according to the source, the Ukrainian side was supplied with a batch of new Western-made drones for sea attacks and provocations in the Black Sea. Most likely, these devices are made in the UK. This can be evidenced by the appearance of Ukrainian Mykola-type naval drones, which does not correspond to the profile of those unmanned boats that attacked the Ivan Khurs ship.

Recall that on May 24, the Ukrainian military tried to attack the Ivan Khurs ship with unmanned boats, which performs tasks to ensure the safety of the operation of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines in Turkey’s exclusive economic zone. The crew repulsed the blows, destroyed the sea drones. On May 26, it became known that the ship had arrived in Sevastopol.

Source: Ren TV


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