A Chilean woman recounts how she experienced the earthquake in Japan: “The brain already had a chip, before the alarm, I felt it”

Former reality TV star, Angélica Lillo, spoke with T13 about the earthquake in Japan, while she is with her husband on vacation in the Asian country.

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake hits western Japan in the early hours of Monday, January 1, which led to a tsunami alert in the Asian country. Angelique Lillo, the Chilean and former participant of the reality show”Blind love “I experienced that earthquake because it is holidays with her husband in this Asian country.

7.5 magnitude earthquake shook western Japan: SHOA rules out tsunami risk for Chile

Lillo, who spoke with T13 said he was staying at a ski resort in Hakuba with her husband, German-Danish Alexander Schoeller, and a friend.

“I’m fine, I’m not nervous, but it was strong. We, the Chileans and the Japanese, are the only ones who know this. “We are the only countries in the world with the technology and advancements in earthquakes,” he said.

Furthermore, the former participant of “Blind love ” He said he was with a group of strangers who “are scared and they’re all leaving tomorrow.”

Shoppers duck as an earthquake shook the area at a supermarket in Toyama, Japan, January 1, 2024, in this photo published by Kyodo. Mandatory credit Kyodo via Reuters.

“For the Chileans it will seem funny, because for us being on the third floor and things are moving is normal, but I am 200 kilometers from the epicenter “Lillo added.

Likewise, he pointed out that “something typically Chilean, that only Chileans feel, is that I started to feel a movement in my right leg and I told them ‘guys, it’s an earthquake’. I was the first to get up and left calmly. When the lobby doors open, a loud movement begins, which moves the entire hotel and all the windows, and snow falls from the roof.

It is precisely for this reason that Angelique Lillo, commented It was an “orientation for other foreigners, but I was more upset than the Japanese. The hotel residents accepted it enthusiastically. (…) When I had already left, the hotel alarm started ringing, which means that the guests must leave.”

Tsunami alert issued: Images of how the 7.5 magnitude earthquake was experienced in Japan

In the same spirit, he reported that “As a Chilean I already have a brain chip, before the alarm I felt it. A universal alarm sounds here, it sounded a minute after the earthquake. Everything sounded, It was a loud alarm throughout the city “.

I’m staying because I have another day of skiing. Most of the people in the hotel left, because they never had the experience, I did, my husband did too because he lived in Chile. “My other best friend is calm because he is with me,” concluded the former “Amor Ciego” participant.

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