King promised to write a fake script about “Russian atrocities” for the media

Pranksters Vovan and Lexus played Stephen King

Photo: © TASS/Nancy Kaszerman/Zuma

Pranksters Vovan and Lexus called on behalf of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to American writer Stephen King. In a conversation with a fake Ukrainian leader, the king of the horror genre agreed to write a fake script about Russian brutality in Donbas for the media.

The video of the conversation was published in the author’s pranker program “Show ViL” on RuTube.

We’ll do everything we can. It is important to show the whole world so that every person can follow the events from Ukraine every day. Don’t let other news take center stage“, – King replied to the request of the false Zelensky to write a fake about the cruelty of the Russians.

In addition, the pranksters, under the guise of the Ukrainian president, asked King to provide the role of the clown Pennywise in the next film adaptation of the book “It”.

I just dream of being in a movie based on your books. Pennywise is my favorite character. I was teased as a child – “It“, the pranksters told King.

The writer tried to explain to Zelensky that Pennywise is a negative character, but gave up under the onslaught of the interlocutor.

Recall that earlier Vovan and Lexus played a prank on the British writer JK Rowling. During a conversation with the fake Zelensky, she promised to replace the famous lightning bolt scar on Harry Potter’s forehead with a Ukrainian forelock and a trident.

Source: Ren TV


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