WHO calls for more vaccines and greater protection against Corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about how Covid-19 is being handled around the world. “Even though we are not in a crisis, Covid-19 remains a threat to global health,” epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove said in Geneva on Friday. said. Too few people are vaccinated and people do not take enough protective measures. This includes wearing masks when people gather, people with symptoms staying home, and keeping rooms well ventilated.

More needs to be done to better study and treat the long-term consequences of coronavirus infection. According to Van Kerkhove, it is estimated that six percent of people with symptomatic corona infection experience long-term complications. These include severe fatigue, as well as neurological diseases and heart disease, among other things.

Long-term complications are when symptoms last longer than three months. WHO is concerned about what consequences may still be seen in five or more years. These are all good reasons to avoid infections as much as possible. Vaccines provide protection against serious diseases. Especially elderly people over the age of 75 and young people with other diseases or weakened immune systems should receive booster therapy every six to twelve months.

WHO criticizes the fact that testing is almost non-existent in many countries. The real number of cases is likely to be much higher than the announced number of cases. Wastewater studies have suggested that the virus is circulating two to 19 times further than reported figures suggest. Nearly seven million deaths from Covid-19 have been reported to WHO by the end of 2023. The real number is likely to be at least three times higher, Van Kerkhove said.

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