The creation of a coronavirus with a mortality rate of 100% was called madness

Chinese scientists have created a coronavirus GX_P2V with a mortality rate of 100%

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In China, scientists in the laboratory created a new virus GX_P2V from the genus of coronaviruses, the mortality rate of which is 100 percent. Research results published Biorxiv resource.

It is noted that the new strain was created based on the GX/2017 virus, which was discovered in Malaysian pangolins back in 2017.

Scientists conducted studies on infected laboratory mice aged six to eight weeks. It is noted that all animals died on the 7th-8th day of the experiment. On the fifth day of the development of the disease, the mice’s body weight began to decrease; on the seventh day, the eyes became white and their movements became sluggish. In addition, the virus affected the lungs and brain.

Professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey Richard Ebright in an interview Daily Mail noted that the scientists did not indicate the biosafety level and precautions used in the study.

“This madness must be stopped before it’s too late.”added Gennady Glinsky, a retired professor of medicine at Stanford.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal stated that Chinese scientists were able to identify almost the complete structure of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, two weeks before transmitting information about it to the WHO.

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