World’s first vaccination campaign against malaria in Cameroon

The world’s first anti-malarial vaccination campaign began in Cameroon on Monday. A six-month-old baby was one of the first babies to be vaccinated against the tropical disease at a small hospital in the city of Soa. Nurses sang and celebrated the start of the vaccination campaign in their country. The hospital in Soa is one of many vaccination centers established in the African country of 28 million people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had previously described the launch of the anti-malarial vaccination campaign as a “historic phase” in the fight against the disease, which is predominantly seen in Africa. Malaria is caused by parasites transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. The disease poses a major health risk in Africa, especially for young children, given that resistance to commonly used antimalarial drugs is increasingly common.

In 2021, 247 million malaria infections were counted worldwide and 619,000 patients died. 95 percent of global infections and 96 percent of deaths were recorded in Africa.


Source: Vienna


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