The controversial story of Nyad, the surprise film of the Oscar nominations

This film released in November on Netflix did not sound as strong as other titles. However, its protagonist, played by Annette Bening, and supporting actress, Jodie Foster, are in the Oscar race in their respective categories. What is this film about? This is a fictional film based on the true (and controversial) story of Diana Nyad, a swimmer who swam across the sea for 53 hours, from Cuba to Florida.

Nyad This is one of the films that surprised with its Oscar nominations. Precisely, its main actress, Annette Bening was nominated in the category Best actress And Jodie Foster as Best Supporting Actress.

Both have previously won awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. On the one hand, Bening has already been nominated for the statuette four times (For Scammers, American beauty, Meeting with Julia, My family), without yet managing to take it with him. On another side, Foster could add another of these awards to the two he has (Accused And The silence of the innocent).

Available on Netflix, Nyad is a fictional film based on the life of Diana Nyad, a swimmer Long distance who, at age 60, intends to travel the 177 kilometers from Cuba to Florida. Also, in the middle of the process, remember the abuse committed by his stepfather and coach during his childhood.

The Controversial Swimmer Story Behind Surprise Oscar Nominations Film Nyad

The film is based on the book written by the swimmer herself, titled Find a way (2015). The journalist, who is also a journalist, tells in the text how After almost 30 years, he decided to take on a challenge that he was unable to take on at the age of 28.

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi And Jimmy Chin They are the directors responsible for bringing this story to the screen, both already experienced in real-life stories. They are known for Free alone , a feature-length documentary that chronicles the feat of Alex Honnold, who climbed the rock of El Capitan unassisted. It is more, For this film, they won an Oscar in 2019.

Also part of the cast are five-time Oscar nominee, Jodie Foster (The silence of the innocent), who has already won two statuettes. This time, she plays Bonnie Stoll, Nyad’s best friend and swimming coach during her second stint as a swimmer.

Rhys Ifans (A place called Nothing Hill), Eric T. Miller (Easttown mare), Jeena Yi (Only murders in the building), Karly Rothenberg (Vandal) and Garland Scott (The walking ghost).

Nyad lasts 121 minutes and begins precisely with the protagonist’s 60th birthday. who discovers that his desire is to try again what he failed to achieve in 1978: swim from Havana to Florida.

The story behind the film

Diana Nyad was born on August 22, 1949 in New York, USA. Her biological parents were Lucy Winslow Curtis and William L. Sneed Jr. and, after their divorce, his mother married Aristotle Z. Nyad who adopted Diana.

It was already in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that he began to cultivate his passion for swimming. During his childhood, She was sexually assaulted by her stepfather and her coach memories revealed in the film distributed by Netflix.

The first attempt to reach Florida from Cuba was in 1978, when the swimmer was 28 years old. . Surrounded by a protective box against sharks, she failed to reach her destination.

The Controversial Swimmer Story Behind Surprise Oscar Nominations Film Nyad

It was in 2011 that he tried again twice, at age 62. However, he was unsuccessful again due to shoulder pain and an asthma attack. The next two attempts were interrupted by jellyfish attacks and severe storms.

In 2013, at age 64, he managed to achieve his feat in 53 hours. Even if not everyone believes in his achievement. This has not been ratified by the Open Water Swimming Association. better known as WOWSA.

It is more, The Guinness Record removed Nyad from its records due to the association’s lack of accreditation. However, The swimmer has repeatedly reaffirmed the legitimacy of her record.

The Controversial Swimmer Story Behind Surprise Oscar Nominations Film Nyad

“Nyad declared his assessment at a press conference. She improvised rules, became embroiled in media attention, and ultimately wrote a book with inconsistencies. He later realized that his swim had no official ratification. It is important for viewers to understand that this film is based on the book by Diana Nyad, which has not been rigorously verified » declared WOWSA through an article on its website.

In this regard, the director of Nyad defended the swimmer’s feat. “I’m tired of the Internet attacking women with clear, frank ideas and owners of their destiny. We did everything we could to make the film reflect just how good Diana was. Our concept of “true history” is to defend this idea of ​​our truth.

It is a fact that Diana Nyad was not the first person to make this trip (although he was the first to do it without a shark cage), they had already achieved it Walter Poenisch in 1978, and Susie Maroney in 1997, a subject which is not explained in the film.

As for other differences, Diana in real life was accompanied by five boats with more than 40 crew members, not just one, as shown in the film. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi And Jimmy Chin.

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