The head of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense called for preparations for war with Russia

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Norway must increase defense spending due to the threat of a potential war with Russia. This opinion was expressed by the country’s Minister of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen.

The current window of opportunity will remain open for a year or two, perhaps three, and that is when we will have to invest even more in our defense“, he is quoted as saying. The Telegraph.

Kristoffersen said Norway must prepare a strong national defense to be able to face an “uncertain and unpredictable world.”

The head of the Ministry of Defense emphasized that Russia is increasing its stockpiles of weapons very quickly, much faster than NATO allies expected.

Earlier, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius already called for preparations for war with Russia. According to him, in this case the country needs to arm itself, which Germany is now doing together with its NATO allies. In the Baltics, he believes, it is necessary to form a German brigade, which by 2027 will be “fully combat-ready.”

The Telegraph also wrote that NATO was called upon to prepare for war with the Russian Federation within 20 years. NATO officials are increasingly voicing concerns about insufficient preparations – stocks of weapons and ammunition have been depleted as many countries have chosen to pump up Ukraine with weapons, and it will take many years to replenish reserves.

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