“I will go with you Mike “We’ll have something again after the show,” announced KimVirginia in the jungle episode 7. “Save! It’s always the same with us.” At least in Jungle camp it must be between Both of them are unlikely to have their first sex in the jungle.. Because Mike Hayter Now I was talking to a completely different tent mate: Leila Lahouar.

According to RTL, in the tropical bush it is 36 degrees and even hotter. Enough reasons for Mike Hayter, Leila Lahouar, Anya Elsner, Heinz Hoenig And Fabio Knezcool off in the camp’s own pond. Leila This was my first time going swimming in the rainforest and so I took it as an opportunity to do it right away Mike Hayter grab hold and let it drag you through the water.

But of course he stayed KimVirginia this situation was not hidden for long. Already on night duty she had Sarah Kern tells what they think Mike Hayter’s strategy Rainforest: “I found out from a friend that his plan is to try it here with me, and if it doesn’t work, he’ll want to do it too. Leila try. He wants to make it a dating show.”

Mike and Leila splash in the pond – Kim Virginia: “Very strange woman, disrespectful”

Stayed by the pond Kim Is the dating show still cool – at least on the outside. “I’m shocked,” the 28-year-old blurted out afterward. “Many people warned me that she is like this and that she doesn’t care when it comes to men!”

By “she,” she meant, of course, her tentmate. Leilawhich KimVirginia in fact, until then I always understood very well. Anya Elsnerwho also noticed the situation, I was still trying to enjoy my swim Mike Hayter And Leila Lahouar justify this by saying that there are many animals in the pond and Leila I needed someone who could carry her.

Virginia’s Kim (left) doesn’t like the fact that Layla (right) and Mike get along well.


But Kim boiled: “But then it must be my ex?!” She does it before my eyes! It’s disrespectful.” However, for Leila Lahouar the situation was clear. “We all know that deep down she wants to bring him back, not finish him off,” she analyzed Virginia’s behavior. “But things don’t go the way she wants. That’s why she’s going crazy.” The former Jungle Friends are now part of the 7th Day of the Jungle.

Sarah Kern advises Kim Virginia: “Take it off”

KimVirginia later continued to complain: “Very strange woman, disrespectful. The people here are disgusting.” For Leila was, however Kim Behavior becomes difficult to tolerate: “The way you behave is embarrassing, just embarrassing.”

Sarah Kern there was some simple advice at the end Kim, who couldn’t stop getting angry and complaining about Mike and Layla: “Take it down,” Kern told Virginia. “Don’t talk about it anymore!” But is it KimVirginia will it succeed? Fabio Knez on the other hand, hit Leilas Page said about Kim. “He’s a liar. And it’s a shame, she’s a very poor little soul. If she really has such strong feelings for her, Mike what hurts her so much, that she reacts this way, then she should talk to us normally and sensibly and with respect!” (Pak)

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