Boluarte’s defense believes the investigation into the president’s responsibility for the deaths during the protests is “absurd, ridiculous and irresponsible”

The Peruvian president’s lawyers said the judicial investigation she faces into deaths that occurred during protests after the overthrow of former President Pedro Castillo “is absolutely unconstitutional.” genocidal”’.

The legal defense of Peru’s President Dina Boluarte said the investigation into her responsibility for deaths during protests after the overthrow of former President Pedro Castillo, It’s “absurd, ridiculous and irresponsible.”

Josep Campos, one of the Peruvian leader’s defense lawyers, attacked Boluarte’s trial, after the head of state asked the attorney general’s office to close the investigation. against the woman who attacked her during an official activity in the Ayacucho region.

“(The investigation against Dina Boluarte) is absurd, ridiculous and irresponsible (…). This is absolutely unconstitutional. And, moreover, provocative, supporting imaginary stories such as “Dina murderer”, “Dina génocida”. (Also), these are not protests. I want to firmly reject protest adjectives. “These were violent and political demonstrations,” he told Lima radio. RPA.

“A situation of unprecedented violence that we have witnessed This caused an unfortunate situation that we all regret. Because no one ordered to generate victims,” he added.

“In the imagination of Ruth Bárcena (the woman who attacked the president) Dina Boluarte “is the aggressor of her victim” he said.

Furthermore, Campos insisted that investigation into protest deaths is to blame that Bárcena sees in Dina Boluarte to the “executioner of his victim”.

“This aggressor, with a typical emotion of being the debt of a victim, could have been exposed in its own integrity thanks to a legitimate response from security teams if he had finally been able to perceive the attack on the president,” he said.

“In the lady’s imagination Barcena There is someone who was the executioner of his victim. And it is an irresponsibility of the existence of this investigation, because it supported stories of all kinds which ultimately led precisely to this situation which serves as support to present the President of the Republic as a possible executioner of this lady’s debtor.” he finished.

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