Apple will allow EU users to download apps from outside the App Store

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Apple will allow developers to offer users from EU countries to download applications not only from the App Store and make transactions through external sites, should from a company press release.

“Apple today announced changes to iOS, Safari and the App Store that will impact apps from developers in the European Union under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Changes include more than 600 new APIs, enhanced app analytics, functionality for alternative browser engines, as well as options for processing payments for iOS applications and their distribution”says the release.

It is noted that Apple has offered developers from the European Union the opportunity to distribute iOS applications on alternative platforms. In addition, marketplace developers will be able to install applications on smartphones and manage their updates.

Developers also have new opportunities in the area of ​​processing payments for digital goods and services, and EU users will be able to go to external developer sites to complete transactions.

The company indicated that new opportunities also create new threats from malware and scammers, and therefore Apple is introducing protective measures. These include notarization of iOS apps, authorization for marketplace developers, and disclosure of alternative payments.

Earlier it was reported that Apple was able to become the global leader in the world smartphone market, displacing Samsung from first place for the first time in 12 years. The share of the American corporation exceeded 20% and amounted to 234.6 million smartphones, and the South Korean company lagged behind by almost a percentage, selling 226.6 million smartphones.

Source: Ren TV


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