German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock In view of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, Israel urgently called on Israel to comply with international humanitarian law, for example in its actions in Khan Yunis. On the sidelines of her trip to East Africa, the Green Party politician said Thursday night in Nairobi, given the heavy fighting in the southern Gaza Strip city, that she was “extremely concerned about the desperate situation of the people.”

Burbock: “International humanitarian law is also applicable in the fight against terrorists”

“There are also rules regarding the right of self-defense, and international humanitarian law also applies to the fight against terrorists,” Burbock said. “Israel must respect this, like all other states in the world – even in a difficult environment in which Hamas breaks all the rules and uses people as a protective shield.”

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Israel urgently needs to allow more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip and adapt its activities. “Many hundreds of thousands of people sought protection in southern Gaza at the direction of Israel – especially in UN agencies and other places,” Berbock said. “They can’t just vanish into thin air.” Therefore, a call to leave these places is not enough. A humanitarian ceasefire is necessary, including for the release of all hostages.

Heavy fighting in Khan Yunis

Israeli military and Palestinian health officials reported heavy fighting in the western city of Khan Yunis. The Palestinian Red Crescent and witnesses said Israeli forces also attacked targets around hospitals. Thousands of people are on the run. At the beginning of the week, the Israeli military launched an offensive in the western part of Khan Yunis, which has not yet been penetrated.

The largest city in the south of the Gaza Strip is considered a stronghold of the Islamist movement Hamas. (dpa/brut)

Gaza Strip

Chaos in the distribution of humanitarian aid: the supply situation is becoming increasingly difficult

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