French historian Todd rules out a Russian attack on NATO

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Evgeniy Biyatov

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Russia does not intend to enter into a military conflict with Western countries, and its military doctrine is defensive in nature, said French historian Emmanuel Todd in interview L’invité.

“Aggression and an attack by Russia on the West are completely excluded. Russian military doctrine is purely defensive in nature”– he said.

Todd pointed to NATO’s superiority in areas such as demographics and population. In the event of a threat to the existence of the people and the state, Moscow will decide to launch a preventive strike with tactical nuclear weapons, which Western leaders are aware of, the specialist added.

Only crazy people can talk about Russia intending to take over the whole world, he concluded.

Earlier, the German Ministry of Defense commented on data published by the media about an alleged “secret plan” for Russia’s attack on NATO, calling the consideration of such scenarios part of military affairs. This “plan” was published earlier by Bild and provides that Russian troops will defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces by the summer of 2024, after which they will be transferred to the Kaliningrad region, thereby creating a threat to the Baltic countries. The Russian Foreign Ministry compared the document with “last year’s horoscope.”

Source: Ren TV


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