Time is running out. Purchased tickets for the December sales stage for the 2024 European Football Championship must be paid for today by 14:00. Here’s what UEFA told ticket holders. If you do not pay, all tickets in the allocation will be lost.

What happens if you don’t pay for your tickets?

Unpaid tickets will be returned to sale. It is not possible to pay only for some cards from the distribution. In this case, you will lose the entire order. Therefore, it is recommended to only apply for games that you really want to attend. Cancellation is not possible.

What other options are there to buy tickets?

In March, UEFA is going to open a platform for the resale of unwanted cards. There are no plans for another major sales round. However, there will be a last minute sale during the tournament. UEFA said: “Additional ticket purchasing options may become available in 2024. More details regarding future ticket sales will be announced in due course.”

How many tickets are there in total?

Of the 2.7 million tickets, about 500,000 are still available. The exact number will become known only in the afternoon, when unpaid tickets will be returned to the organizers. A total of 2.2 million tickets were distributed across the two main sales phases. Demand exceeded supply at both stages.

Are EM tickets transferable?

Conditionally. If you are unable to attend the game due to health reasons, you may be able to give your ticket to a friend or family member. The personal data of the new ticket holder must be transferred to the tournament organizer within a certain period of time. You are not entitled to a refund for the card. (dpa/how)

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