For Dre Greenlaw, Super Bowl 58 was doubly bitter as his San Francisco 49ers lost the NFL Finals to the Kansas City Chiefs, who had superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The defender also suffered a serious injury in the second quarter. This makes Greenlaw perhaps the most tragic figure of this eventful evening of football.

NFL star injured during substitution

Things went well for the 49ers and Greenlaw early on, with San Francisco ahead and the defense in particular making life especially difficult for the Chiefs and Mahomes early on. Greenlaw also contributed several tackles.

However, there was an injury shock in the second quarter: just as the defense was about to return to the field, the 26-year-old suddenly collapsed after a slight miss. The midfielder immediately grabbed his left leg and his teammates also immediately realized that Greenlaw must be seriously injured.

Greenlaw already had problems with his Achilles tendon.

We went to the catacombs of Alligant Stadium in a go-kart, and soon came the diagnosis: Greenlaw had torn his Achilles tendon. The midfielder then watched the rest of the game, which was hard to beat in terms of excitement, from the sidelines, complete with large special shoes.

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Greenlaw had already been battling Achilles tendon issues throughout the season. So he missed the game due to an infection. Now the burden seemed to be too great. For Greenlaw, it’s the bitterest end to the NFL season.

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