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The overall situation is sobering. In the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich is five points behind league leaders Bayer Leverkusen. They dropped out of the DFB Cup a long time ago. Bayern are in the last 16 of the Champions League, but in their current state they are not among the favorites.

There are several problems that Bayern have to solve.

1. Problem: There are almost no leading players on the field.

During difficult stages, there are almost no players who take the initiative and carry their teammates along with them. Of all the players who could have done it, the coaches allowed them Thomas Tuchel initially on the bench in the match against Bayer Leverkusen with a score of 3:0: Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller were only substituted in the 60th minute.

Muller anyway, mostly just a reservist. Tuchel deprived Kimmich of the ability to be a classic six back in the summer – and that’s how he defines himself. These are not the best conditions for leading a team.

Central defender Matthijs de Ligt, considered a potential leading man, was not even used against Leverkusen. Leon Goretzka, on the other hand, often moved between the starting lineup and the bench.

Sky expert Didi Hamann criticized Sky 90: “Tuchel has Kimmich, De Ligt and Goretzka dismantled. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have an edge in games like this.”

Former Bayern player Stefan Effenberg, on the other hand, commented to Sport 1 Doppelpass: “I didn’t understand why Thomas Müller didn’t play. In a game like this, a player like that is so important for the guys’ coach.” Or even Joshua Kimmich, who may be on a decline in performance but is a central figure at Bayern. You have to put him in a match like this.”

2nd problem: Large discrepancy between performance in training and in games.

Tuchel often looked puzzled after poor games and explained that his team performed much better in training than in games. There really seems to be something to this.

After the defeat at Leverkusen, Thomas Müller told Sky: “We show much better approaches in training because we are brave and play football freely.” In the game everything would be different: “I miss and we can quote Oliver Kahn, balls and freedom. We have a mentality in our game, especially with the ball.”

Third problem: various players Sane and Musial are in bad shape.

Leroy Sane considered the Bayern player who excelled most under Tuchel. However, there has been no sign of this over the past few weeks. He last scored in the Bundesliga at the end of October, when he scored two goals against Darmstadt 98. He also barely appears as an assistant. He has only managed one assist in his last five games.

Also Jamal Musiala, who is probably Bayern’s best technical player, is currently in decline. He has no goals or assists in his last five games. Against Leverkusen, he was one of the most unnoticed players on the pitch.

Effenberg said: “Musiala is in decline. Sane falls into the old stereotypes a little bit in terms of body language and isn’t really under pressure.”

Problem 4: Bad luck with injuries

Bayern’s injury woes cannot be explained. The best players continue to drop out throughout the season, meaning that the starting line-up has to be constantly changed. There were often not even enough ready players to fully fill the bench.

Serge Gnabry, Kingsley Coman, Konrad Laimer, Bouna Sarr and Alphonso Davies are currently out through injury. It’s hard to compensate for so many failures.

Problem 5: Tuchel currently lacks tactical skills

Coach Thomas Tuchel is considered an excellent strategist, but has rarely demonstrated this quality this season. Against Leverkusen, he suddenly deployed a three- or five-man defense and also used right-back Sacha Boey as a left-back.

“It was incomprehensible to me to go back to a three-man defense against Leverkusen, who haven’t played like that this season,” Effenberg said, adding: “You could see the uncertainty.”

6. Problem: weak defensive behavior.

Bayern have invested a lot in defense in recent years. Three of the six most expensive transfers in the club’s history are current Bayern defenders, namely Matthijs de Ligt (around €67 million), Dayot Upamecano (around €42.5 million) and Min Jae Kim (around €42 million). . .

However, this part of the team does not leave a confident impression. When the first goal was conceded against Leverkusen, four defenders missed passes in the penalty area. When the second goal was conceded, a simple one-two was enough to outsmart the entire defense.

In other games in which Bayern looked more dominant and had more possession, they were also vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Problem 7: Dependence on Kane is too great

Harry Kane is undoubtedly the best transfer. He has already scored 24 goals in 21 Bundesliga games. The only problem: if Kane doesn’t score once, the whole team will have a problem. Kane has failed to score in four of his last nine Bundesliga games. Three games were lost.

Problem eight: Bayern no longer wins important matches

Bayern are actually seen as a team that outdoes itself, especially in the decisive games. This season seems to be the opposite.

The team lost the Super Cup to RB Leipzig 3-0 in August, a German Cup game against third division side 1. FC Saarbrücken 1-2 in early November, and now an important Bundesliga game against Leverkusen. “This is unusual for this team, which has always been involved in big games,” said sporting director Christoph Freund.

Can all these problems be solved in the near future?

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