Milei government thanks Netanyahu for saving two Argentine-Israeli hostages

The two hostages were identified as Fernando Simón Marman, 60, and Louis Hare, 70, who are in good health.

The government of Argentine President Javier Milei thanked the Israeli security forces for “having successfully carried out the rescue” of two Argentine-Israeli hostages, “kidnapped since October 7 by the terrorist group Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement).

“During his visit to the State of Israel, President Javier Milei reiterated to (his counterpart) Isaac Herzog and (Israeli) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the demand for the release of each of the Argentine hostages and continues to firmly maintain his condemnation of Hamas terrorism,” we read in a press release from the presidential office.

Hagit Matzliah is hugged by Carmel Michaeli, as they celebrate the rescue of hostage Fernando Simón Marman at the entrance of the design store where he works, in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, February 12, 2024. Photo: Reuters

A few hours earlier, the Israeli army had announced, as part of its incursions into the Gaza Strip, the rescue, during a nighttime operation, of two hostages identified as Fernando Simón Marman, 60, and Louis Hare , 70 years old, who are in good health.

Both are brothers-in-law and were taken hostage with Clara Marman, Fernando’s sister and Louis’ wife; her other sister Gabriela Leimberg and her daughter Mia were all released on November 28 as part of the temporary truce.

Source: Latercera


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