Protestant church pastor detained for selling methamphetamine

The pastor was allegedly detained during a drug deal.

Photo: © Connecticut Police

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Woodbury United Methodist Church pastor Herbert Miller was detained in Connecticut (USA) for selling methamphetamine.

According to local police, the man was driving his car when he was stopped for having an expired registration.

“The subsequent investigation revealed that Miller was in possession of crystal methamphetamine, both in powder form and in liquefied form in a hypodermic syringe.”says in press release Connecticut police.

In the publication Republican-American of Waterbury stated that the pastor was allegedly detained during a drug deal. The purchase had to be made by a person cooperating with law enforcement agencies.

After questioning, Herbert Miller was released on bail of ten thousand dollars. The drug-dealing pastor’s trial will take place at Watbury Crown Court on February 23.

Source: Ren TV


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