Trump appeals to Supreme Court to try to prevent 2020 election subversion trial

“A months-long criminal trial against President Trump, at the height of election season, would radically affect his ability to campaign against President (Joe) Biden,” the former president’s team of lawyers argued in his brief to the highest court in the United States.

Former President Donald Trump submitted a request on Monday last appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice to try to prevent the start of the criminal trial for his involvement in an alleged attempted electoral subversion of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump had until Monday to challenge the decision of the District of Columbia Court of Appeal, which ruled on February 6 that after leaving the White House, He has become a simple “citizen” among others, and is therefore no longer protected by immunity. that he had in the role of leader.

“Former President Trump became a Trump citizen, with all the defenses of any other criminal defendant. We cannot accept that the office of the Presidency definitively places its former occupants above the law. And. “It would cause the collapse of our system of separate powers by placing the president beyond the reach of all three branches,” the justices noted.

Concretely, the former president asks to paralyze the process until it is decided whether or not he benefits from immunity against the charges against him and could set an important precedent for limiting presidential immunity.

“A months-long criminal trial against President Trump, at the height of election season. “This would radically affect President Trump’s ability to campaign against President (Joe) Biden.” Trump’s legal team made the argument in its brief, according to the outlet. CNN.

The former Republican president says he will soon appeal the federal court’s decision that rejected his request for immunity and asks that in the meantime issue an emergency order to stay proceedings until the matter is resolved.

It is enough for four of the nine judges of the Supreme Court to rule in favor of admitting the appeal pending for it to be studied, even if To achieve the paralysis of the process requested by Trump, five votes will be necessary.

Given this, Trump asked the justices to stay the appeals court ruling that rejected his broad claim to presidential immunity andin connection with the events leading to the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Even though the former president’s lawyers are asking the court to postpone the Federal Court trial indefinitely, those who are now They have the final say in determining whether the former president will be tried in Washington before the November election or not. It will be the Supreme Court. .

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