Bloomberg: Zelensky will go to the EU to speed up the transfer of aid to Kyiv

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky plans to go on a tour of Western European countries to speed up the transfer of military assistance to Ukraine, reports Bloomberg.

According to the agency, the head of the Kyiv regime intends to visit France and Germany, as well as participate in the annual Munich Security Conference, which will last from February 15 to 18. There is no official confirmation of this information yet.

“As ammunition stocks dwindle, Zelensky must make the case for faster military assistance. He will most likely insist on negotiations on security guarantees.”– the words of the source are given in the publication.

The material notes that Zelensky and the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shifted the blame for the failure of the summer counteroffensive to the West, which is slow in supplying equipment and ammunition.

Let us remember that the Financial Times previously wrote that the Ukrainian military located on the line of contact found themselves in a “desperate situation.” According to the newspaper, the real situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants is much worse than what is declared.

The publication emphasizes that the Russian Armed Forces, which are superior to the Ukrainian Armed Forces both in manpower and ammunition, forced the Ukrainian army to go on the defensive after the “vaunted counteroffensive” did not lead to any results.

The most severe crisis in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was also noted in Germany. In a conversation with German journalists, the Ukrainian military spoke about both the lack of weapons and the acute shortage of manpower.

Against this background, there is a decline in morale in the ranks of Ukrainian militants. This was previously acknowledged by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Alexei Danilov.

Source: Ren TV


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