Venezuela describes the transfer to the United States of a plane held on suspicion of terrorism in Ezeiza as “blatant theft”

The government of Nicolas Maduro reacted harshly when the plane of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur took off this Monday for the United States. Foreign Minister Yvan Gil categorically rejected the event, stressing that it was “consummated following collusion between the governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Argentina.”

The government of Venezuela has firmly rejected that the plane of the Emtrasur Cargo company, held at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires by court order since June 2022, due to suspicions of terrorism, was handed over by Argentine authorities to the United States in response to a request from the American justice system.

The plane that The Iranian company Mahan Air was sold to the Venezuelan airline Emtrasur, She was immobilized on the date mentioned by Argentine officials, as well as her crew made up of 14 Venezuelans and five Iranians, upon their arrival at the terminal of the trans-Andean capital.

In a statement by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil, the government of Nicolás Maduro said that “the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the blatant theft of the Boeing 747-300 aircraft, belonging to the transport company Aerocargos del Sur (EMTRASUR). SA), consumed today after collusion between the governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Argentina “.

Caracas accused its Argentinian and American counterparts of having violated “cleverly (…) all the rules which govern civil aeronautics” and having put “at risk the air security of the region”, according to the Buenos Aires newspaper “Clarín”.

He also described how “shameful operation of rapacity” to the transfer of the plane to the United States, whose courts had requested its confiscation for alleged use for terrorist purposes after the Bolivarian government purchased it from the Iranian company Maham Air.

“Free and sovereign Venezuela will give a forceful, direct and proportionate response in the face of this attack, for which it will use all available resources within the framework of the National Constitution, diplomacy and international law,” warned the Llanero government.

Finally, after announcing that the incident had been reported to the International Civil Aviation Organization, Caracas declared that “no empire, nor its lackey satellites “, they will know how to bend the will of the Venezuelan people, who have decided to follow the path of true independence.”

The prosecution thanks the Argentine justice

Meanwhile, the District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office said that “Former Boeing planes belonging to Iran successfully returned to the United States”

“Using a whole-of-government approach, we worked with our international partners to capture “an aircraft transferred by Iranian entities in violation of U.S. sanctions and export control laws” said U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves. “The United States values ​​collaboration with our Argentine justice and law enforcement partners,” he added in a statement.

The last five crew members detained in Argentina, two Venezuelans and three Iranians who were among the plane’s 19 crew members, They were released in October 2022.

Source: Latercera


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