Hamas says Netanyahu ‘not interested in ceasefire deal and release of hostages’

A senior official in the group’s political wing accused the Israeli prime minister of “maintaining a policy of evasion and procrastination” and of “not being interested in reaching an agreement.”

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) stressed that Israel’s latest counter-proposal to reach a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip did not help bring positions closer together and argued thatand “demonstrates that the occupation is not serious” in its efforts to reach a pact for the release of those kidnapped during the October 7 attacks.

Osama Hamdan, a strong member of the group’s political arm, has insisted that the proposal presented by Hamás through the document agreed in Paris by Qatar, Egypt, United States and Egypt was considered “positive” by Doha and El Cairo, before being aggregated. What “The occupation’s response does not guarantee the freedom of movement of the population, the return of displaced people, the withdrawal of the occupying army from Gaza and the opening of border crossings to travelers and the injured.”

“Moreover, the position presented by the occupation for the exchange of prisoners confirms that it is not serious about concluding an exchange agreement,” he declared, before accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “maintain a policy of evasion and procrastination”. and “not interested in reaching an agreement.”

Thus, he declared that ‘Bibi’ ““He is trying to prolong the war and gain time for personal reasons linked to his political future,” as reported by the Palestinian newspaper “Filastin”, linked to the Islamist group.

Hamdan also criticized Israel’s plans to launch a ground offensive against Rafah (south), “a place populated by displaced people”, and argued that “it would be a criminal measure motivated solely by Netanyahu’s personal goals, whereby he is trying to save himself.” and escape any cessation of aggression by shedding ever more blood of Palestinian civilians.

“By declaring his intention to destroy what he calls the ‘Hamas brigades in Rafah,’ Netanyahu is continuing his policy of escaping reality and lying to his public. . “He speaks as if his defeated and broken army had succeeded in dismantling the resistance in the rest of the areas of Gaza, when the truth is that the world sees that it is still trapped in Khan Younis, with deaths and injuries every day.” reviewed.

He stressed that Hamas and other Palestinian groups “continue to strike in Gaza City and in the north of the Gaza Strip.” while the leader of the enemy army himself speaks about the complexity of the Battle of Khan Yunis. “This shows that resistance is present in all areas where the occupying army has entered,” he concluded.

Hamdan’s remarks come about a week after Hamas proposed a plan for a possible ceasefire that envisions a three-step plan over 135 days that would lead to an end to the conflict and would include the release of hostages in exchange of the release of 1,500 prisoners. , the end of the siege of the Gaza Strip and a process of reconstruction.

However, Netanyahu expressed opposition to the terms of the Palestinian Islamist group’s proposal and argued that greater “military pressure” on Hamas would bring the goal of freeing the hostages closer. After that, he announced his intention of an offensive against Rafá, on the border with Egypt.

The Rafah attack plan was criticized by the international community due to the massive presence of displaced Palestinians, who went there after the first phase of the war, during which Israel invaded the north and center of the enclave, and after the second phase, when its troops entered Khan Yunis in the south.

Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip began in response to the October 7 Hamas assault, which left 1,200 people dead and 240 injured. Since then, Palestinian authorities have reported more than 28,300 deaths, plus 384 Palestinian deaths in the West Bank and East Jerusalem due to the actions of security forces and Israeli settlers.

Source: Latercera


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