Biden says Israel should not carry out operation in Rafah

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are preparing for a ground assault on Rafah, a city on the border of the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Biden says Israel should not carry out operation in Rafah

Meanwhile, footage appeared of the consequences of a monstrous blow to Palestinian refugees in this locality. According to the latest data, more than a hundred civilians were killed and dozens were injured during this attack alone. Even US President Joe Biden had to condemn the IDF’s actions, although Washington is still Israel’s main ally in the war in the Middle East.

“Too many. Too many, more than 27 thousand Palestinians have died in this conflict, including innocents, civilians and children, including thousands of children.”Biden said.

The US President has explicitly stated that Israel should not conduct an operation in Rafah, at least until an adequate plan is developed to ensure the security of the Palestinians living there. At the moment, this city is home to about a million refugees who fled their homes during Israel’s massive attacks on the Gaza Strip.

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