Biden eating hamburgers, this is how he tries to give a young image to attract votes

Taking advantage of the Superbowl, the president Biden launched its Tik Tok account, a social network with a predominantly user profile youth. Sources from his team say that the president will be where the voters are and this is a way to contact the young public, although he has received criticism, even from some Democrats, because Biden’s policy with Tik Tok has been restrictive, in fact he ordered remove the application from the mobile phones of all public officials.

Behind the bans, there were national security considerations that primarily concern conservatives but also Democrats and that have also been expressed by some technology experts. It was alleged that being owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok posed a risk that the Beijing government could force it to collect and provide data from American users, something the company denies. It was also feared that China could control the logarithm that determines the videos offered to Americans and use the network for propaganda or to impose some type of censorship.

Biden’s team says that, in this case, Activating Biden’s account does not compromise security. The campaign also claims that they have taken “advanced security precautions on the devices” and that they have incorporated “a sophisticated security protocol.”

Nearly a third of Americans under 30 say they regularly get news from TikTok, according to the Pew Research Center. It’s an age group that helped Biden win the 2020 election, but its approval ratings within the group have fallen and it faces strong pushback from factions of the Democratic progressive base over its handling of the war between Israel and Hamas. One hundred young activists from the Sunrise Movement, which demands more action from the president on climate change but has also included the situation and rights of Palestinians in their protests, were recently detained at their campaign headquarters.

Biden’s new lapse

Besides, the old age of Biden (81 years old) is not a factor that works in his favor when it comes to arousing enthusiasm and favoring the mobilization of a group of the electorate that, despite leaning mostly towards Democrats, usually ends up with low participation rates.

In the middle of the debate about Cognitive ability of the presidentfueled by its frequent lapses and memory leakssome statements by the vice president come to light Kamala Harris to the Wall Street Journal in which she said: “I am ready to serve, that is out of the question. Anyone who has seen me work realizes my leadership qualities.”

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