A Canadian art teacher accused of selling his students’ artwork on his own website

The teacher of Art from school Westwood Junior High School, in Saint-Lazare, Montreal , Mario Perron took advantage of the plays of art of his students. The students themselves discovered it when they decided to search for their teacher’s name on Google.

His surprise was capital. They found his works of art for sale on his personal website. Drawings they had made on coffee cups sold for $150. And they told their parents. One of them discovered that her daughter’s artwork was being sold on four different websites for $150. Also those of her classmates.

From t-shirts for $55, coffee mugs for $41 and iPhone cases for $35. Profits from the sale of these items They ended up in the teacher’s pocket. “I am extremely disgusted with this person. It is extremely unbelievable,” said the father of one student, Michael Bennet. Is this teacher asking for some projects to be made to sell? Mr. Bennet asks. The school knew nothing about this teacher’s business. They are very indignant and reproach the art teacher’s immoral behavior.

It is being investigated how much he could have earned in total

After they were discovered, they continued to be sold 92 portraits drawn by students in their web store. Each one at the price of 100 dollars. It is unknown how much he may have earned from the sale of these items. They are investigating it.

The school wants to encourage creativity, learning and mutual trust. And he remains steadfast in discovering the truth. The Saint-Lazare community is also awaiting the results of the investigation.

As students continue to develop their creativity and learn a lesson, the importance of ethical conduct.

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