No Christmas without “Ship of Dreams”, no Easter without “Ship of Dreams”: the next episode of the ZDF series is scheduled for March 31st, Easter Sunday. This time we are going to Phuket in Thailand. Florian Silbereisen will return to the ship as Captain Max Parger, Barbara Wussow will take on the role of hotel director Hannah Liebhold, and Collien Ulmen-Fernandez will take on the role of ship’s doctor Dr. Kelly. Jessica Delgado.

Nelson Muller cooks on the “ship of dreams”.

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New to the cast for the Easter special is a TV chef. Nelson Muller. In “Ship of Dreams” he will take on the role of a chef – ZDF announces him as the episode’s celebrity chef. It is unknown whether he is playing himself.

So will Ship of Dreams staff and guests be able to look forward to TV chef Mueller’s creations in every episode in the future? When asked by our editors, the broadcaster replied: “Nelson Mueller can be seen in a unique guest role in “Dream Boat – Phuket.” The cast list also features powerhouse Riccardo Simonetti.

Nelson Muller on the “Ship of Dreams” in the best traditions of guest stars

With his role, Nelson Müller matches the many guest stars who have already appeared on board in past episodes: Oliver and Amira Pocher – still a couple at the time – were seen in the New Year’s episode “2024”, Katie Hummels sailed. on the “ship of dreams” in Walvis Bay in Namibia, and also featured Sarah Engels, Joko Winterscheidt, Kai Pflaume and Karo Daur.

A circumstance that some actors have already criticized. At the end of December, for example, Daniel Morgenroth, who plays Staff Captain Martin Grimm in Boat of Dreams, commented on the fact that celebrities without an acting background are increasingly appearing in guest roles.

“To me, this tramples on the honor of our profession, because it suggests that ratings are more important than acting.” Morgenroth’s criticism also included an influential person, but he did not mention her name. She played a role “that was supposed to last the whole evening. She played a woman who falls in love on board. I will refrain from further comment – you can watch the film and form your own opinion.” (pack)

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