As a result of the attack on a Jewish student at the Free University, the Berlin Senate wants to tighten the law on higher education. The ability to deregister students, which was only removed in 2021, will be reintroduced in some cases. Senate press secretary Christina Richter said this on Tuesday after the Senate meeting.

According to the information, Berlin is the only federal state that does not have the ability to evict students. The red-red-green coalition lifted such sanctions in 2021. Current university law provides for a ban on entry to premises for a maximum of three months.

Shapira was hospitalized with facial fractures

Jewish FU student Lahav Shapira was hospitalized a week ago with broken facial bones. He was reportedly kicked by a pro-Palestinian classmate on the street in Berlin-Mitte. The prosecutor’s office suggests a targeted attack and an anti-Semitic motive.

After it became known, this case caused great turmoil in the city, and also put pressure on the leadership of the FU. The FS has now banned the alleged intruder from entering the building for an initial period of three months.
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