Ukraine War: Prayers for peace in Vienna and Salzburg

On Saturday, the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ecumenical peace prayers will be held at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna and the cathedral in Salzburg. A sea of ​​light from Caritas will take place at Vienna’s Stephansplatz on Thursday.

Concert and reading in Vienna on the anniversary of the Ukrainian War

Two years of war in Ukraine: Important questions and answers

According to Kathpress, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn described the ceremony held in Vienna at 17:00 on February 24, where representatives of various Christian denominations prayed and lit candles, as “an important sign of our common values ​​​​such as peace, solidarity and unity.” Illuminated. At the end of the day of action organized by the Ukrainian Center Salzburg, the peace prayer in the Salzburg Cathedral starts at 18.00 on Saturday.

There are also representatives of politics and diplomacy at the peace prayer in Vienna

In addition to the papal envoy to Austria, Cardinal Schönborn, nuncio Archbishop Pedro Lopez, Protestant bishop Michael Chalupka, Armenian apostolic bishop and President of the World Council of Churches in Austria Tiran Petrosyan and prelate Emanuel Aydin were also present at the celebration. At St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, the Syriac Orthodox Church announced its accession.

Representatives of politics and diplomacy, including the Ukrainian ambassador to Austria Wassyl Chymynez, are also expected, Ukrainian Catholic cleric Yuri Kolassa told the Kathpress news agency (Wednesday) upon request. The service was musically performed at St. Petersburg in Vienna. It will be provided by the youth choir of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic central congregation in St. Barbara, and many believers from this choir will participate in the service.

Schönborn: Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a fundamental violation of international law

“Russia’s war of aggression against free and sovereign Ukraine is a fundamental violation of international law,” Cardinal Schönborn emphasized in his invitation letter to representatives of Christian churches. Since the war began on February 24, 2022, the number of dead and injured has risen to hundreds of thousands, and millions of people have been displaced or fled. War is always an emergency for personal faith: “Churches and believers have a duty to prove that they are peacemakers. This also includes constant common prayer,” said the Archbishop of Vienna.

Protest of the Ukrainian diaspora in Vienna on Saturday

The Ukrainian diaspora presents the “Two Worlds of Europe” campaign at Stephansplatz on Saturday. The event will also feature an ambulance damaged by rocket attacks, a symbolic gift of the “Ukraine is calling” initiative, which aims to collect 112 ambulances for Ukraine. Another part of the action involves the installation of a demolished house, representing the demolition of residential buildings in Mariupol. The “Two Worlds of Europe” campaign is organized by Unlimited Democracy in cooperation with Youkraine, Space for Ukraine and Pan-European Movement Austria. The event will end with a candlelight ceremony at Stephansplatz at 18.00, following the Holy Mass in St. Stephen’s Cathedral at 17.00.

Archbishop of Salzburg: Even minors could not escape Russia’s attack

“We must not get used to terrible suffering, destruction and death,” Salzburg Archbishop Franz Lackner emphasized in the invitation to the ecumenical peace prayer held at the Salzburg Cathedral on Saturday (18.00). No one, especially the youngest, the poorest and the weakest, will be spared from Russia’s “cruel and criminal attack on Ukraine”, according to the president of the Austrian Bishops’ Conference. Lackner said, “Let’s help as much as we can, and pray together for the peace that this country, which is so close to us, longs for.”

Peace prayer, Ukrainian Greek Catholic church St. It is part of a day of action organized by the Ukrainian Center Salzburg, which is also co-organized by Markus’ pastor, Vitali Mykytyn. Starting at 15:00, a parade for peace will be held in Ukraine from Mirabellplatz to the Old Market, where a rally will be held at 15:45. At 18:00, representatives of the churches in Salzburg will pray for peace in the cathedral together with Vicar General Roland Rasser, representing Archbishop Lackner.

A sea of ​​light from Caritas at Vienna’s Stephansplatz on Thursday

Already on Thursday, February 22 at 17.00, Caritas in Vienna invites people to a sea of ​​light for the millions of children affected by the war in Ukraine. More than 5,000 candles will be lit at Stephansplatz, according to the charity, with a call for continued support for the Ukrainian people. A press release stated that Caritas’ assistance in Ukraine has reached more than four million people since the beginning of the war. The church charity appealed for more solidarity from Austrians: “This aid warms, fills and gives children a roof over their heads.”

To accompany the sea of ​​light, Caritas, Ukrainian ambassador Chymynez, Caritas Europe President Michael Landau and St. He announced short speeches, including by Taras Chagala, the presiding priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic community in Barbara. Also speaking will be Viennese Caritas managers Klaus Schwertner and Alexander Bodmann, who are responsible for Caritas Austria’s international aid programs, as well as Eva Czermak and Olga Chertilina.


Source: Vienna


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