On the second anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the country’s entry into the alliance. “Ukraine will join NATO. The question is not if, but when,” the Norwegian said in a video message on Saturday.

“As we prepare for this day, NATO will continue to support Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said. The goal of the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putinthe governance of Ukraine has not changed. The Russian President started this war because he wanted to close the door to NATO and deprive Ukraine of the right to choose its own path. But he achieved just the opposite.

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Russia: Joining NATO will jeopardize security

Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine two years ago but has since repeatedly portrayed itself as a victim of Western aggression. Among other things, Moscow justified the invasion by saying it needed to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, which allegedly threatened Russia’s security. (dpa/mac)

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