Ex-Italian PM calls for huge urgent investment in Europe

Ex-Italian Prime Minister Draghi calls for urgent, huge investments in Europe

Photo: © Global Look Press/Attili/Keystone Press Agency

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Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced changes in the economic world order and called for investing money in Europe as soon as possible.

“These changes have many consequences, one of which is obvious: we will have to invest huge sums in a relatively short time in Europe,” – quotes the politician Bloomberg.

According to Draghi, now the main item of expenditure for EU countries is defense capability. With this in mind, measures must be taken to cover the associated costs and pay for the green and digital transition.

The authors of the article noted that as one of the options for “mobilizing” public funds at the EU level, Draghi proposed creating a special fund or public-private partnership, in which the European Investment Bank could play one of the roles.

Source: Ren TV


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