The hottest direction: Akhmat special forces destroy the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kremennaya

Special forces “Akhmat” destroys the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kremennaya

Special forces soldier "Akhmat"

Photo: © TASS/Alexander Reka

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The other day, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the same one who brought cookies to Kyiv, said: Russia in its current state does not correspond to the image that the United States would like to see. And this is, perhaps, the whole essence of what is happening. From Washington’s point of view, we must fit into their mold. And no one asks, do we want this ourselves? Voenkor “Izvestia“Dmitry Zimenkin, who has been working on the front line since the very beginning of the special military operation, is now in one of the hottest areas. And he confirms: we are fighting for the right to remain ourselves.

The hottest direction: Akhmat special forces destroy the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kremennaya

Ukrainian Armed Forces cynically attack doctors

After the assault on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the northern direction, the Shram group of the Akhmat special forces had one wounded. Medic Dos rushes to the rescue. He disembarks and asks the driver to find cover away from the eyes of enemy drones.

The fighter’s name is Styopa, he is from Astrakhan. While Dos examines him, the others keep the sky under control. If the medic is spotted, the car will be bombed while loading the wounded. The count goes on in minutes and even seconds.

The “loaf” rushes at maximum speed along the broken road. This is how the evacuation of fighters occurs every time. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are vilely and cynically preying on medical groups.

“We have been evacuating for a whole year. Over the course of a year, this point has evacuated about 200 wounded people, including “allies”,” – says a medic from the Shrama group of the Akhmat special forces with the call sign Dos.

Soldiers of the Shram group showed how they intercept hundreds of enemy UAVs

The most expensive reward

Dos takes out a medal made by a child from his pocket. They sent me with humanitarian aid. He says: this is the most valuable reward for him.

We distribute letters from Sochi children with drawings to the fighters. Not everyone on the home front understands how important this is here. The men read it and can’t hold back their tears.

“Thank you for preserving our peace. May victory be yours. I myself have three children, that’s why it’s like this,” – explains a fighter of the Shrama group of the Akhmat special forces with the call sign Private.

That is why Russian soldiers are fighting so desperately, including in this northern direction, in the Kremen forests, which are now rightfully considered one of the most dangerous areas of the Northern Military District.

With the “Akhmatovites” we are riding on the same “loaf” on which Dos took out the wounded. Here is the volunteer Maloy, who looks like just a boy, but he has a lot of courage and bravery. CCM in wrestling, has been working since she was 16 years old. He abandoned the car service center he had created and went to the front.

“When other mobilized boys, and I have many friends, are sitting in damp trenches, I can’t sit in the warmth, eat ice cream, that’s all,” – shares a fighter of the Shrama group of the Akhmat special forces with the call sign Malaya.

Special forces soldier "Akhmat"

The forces of the militants are melting every day

We sneak through the forest to the road that leads to the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the enemy is there in the lowlands, hiding among the swamps, attacking with cassettes and kamikaze drones. We come across an abandoned tank.

We are not advised to go further. We finish filming as quickly as possible before the enemy notices us on this hillock.

“The fighters say that in this place there was a real tank duel. Our combat vehicle was damaged, yes, the tracks were disabled. But in this duel, in which he exchanged fire with a Ukrainian tank, he won. Look what is left of the opponent: the tower on the road, the rest is somewhere in the forest,” – correspondent Dmitry Zimenkin shows.

A tense confrontation continues in the Kremen forests. But the forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are melting every day. Recapturing the western part of the reserve is a matter of time. And then – a direct course to Seversk, which is also awaiting liberation.

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