State Duma deputy Sheremet called Budanov’s threats* against Crimea Nazism

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The threats of the head of military intelligence of Ukraine Kirill Budanov* regarding Crimea are outright Nazism, said State Duma deputy from the region Mikhail Sheremet.

This is how the Russian parliamentarian reacted to Budanov’s video message, in which he stated that new surprises await Russia in Crimea. He also recommended that the civilian population not use the Crimean Bridge.

“Such threats from Budanov* are outright Nazism,” – Sheremet said in a conversation with RIA News.

According to the deputy, such threats have been heard many times in Russia. However, the parliamentarian recalled, the age of terrorists and their fate are always sad.

Sheremet argues that people like Budanov* will not be able to hide behind the backs of ordinary citizens of Ukraine for long. The agency’s interlocutor noted that they will have to answer for all crimes.

* Included in the Russian Federation in the list of extremists and terrorists.

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Source: Ren TV


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