US Lieutenant Colonel: Ukraine has no strategic value for the States

US Lieutenant Colonel Rasmussen said that the United States is using Ukraine as a mechanism to contain Russia

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Ukraine has never had any strategic value to the United States and has been used as a mechanism to contain Russia. Such a statement in a conversation with REN TV made by retired US Army Lt. Col. Earl Rasmussen.

“Ukraine has always been viewed as a strategic entity, although in itself it has no strategic significance for the United States. It is looked at as a thorn or as a mechanism to contain and weaken Russia.”Rasmussen said.

US Lieutenant Colonel Rasmussen: The CIA inflated and supported the Maidan in Ukraine

He pointed out that American intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA, have always been interested in infiltrating Ukraine. Their goal was to disrupt the political structure of Kyiv in order to subsequently use the entire country as a “battering ram” against Russia.

Earl Rasmussen emphasized that in the end everything went according to this plan, and Ukraine truly “completely turned” into a deterrent mechanism for the Russian Federation.

Let us note that the Lieutenant Colonel of the US Armed Forces also pointed out that CIA agents first exaggerated and then supported the situation on the Maidan in 2014. According to Rasmussen, American intelligence agencies began their destructive activities long before the start of the special operation.

Source: Ren TV


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