Fight against speed cameras: “Fleximan” and his followers destroy speed cameras in Italy

In Italy, the country with the most speed traps in Europe, a group known as “Fleximan” destroyed many speed control points. The actions performed with tools such as the cutting machine, or “Flex” as the craftsman calls it, received both praise and criticism.

An unidentified group destroyed four speed cameras overnight in the small town of Buccinasco in northern Italy. The incident, which made national headlines, began in the north, near Rovigo, when the first speed camera pole was removed using a power cutter. The string of material damages now extends from South Tyrol to Calabria, indicating that there is a group behind “Fleximan”. Police found short confession letters reading “Fleximan sta arrivando” (“Fleximan is coming”) on some of the destroyed speed cameras.

Drivers are satisfied with “Fleximan” campaigns

Many Italian drivers view the actions of the “Fleximan” positively, perceiving them as an act of resistance against radar surveillance perceived as excessive. There are more than 11,000 speed cameras in Italy; This number is much higher than other European countries. The high income generated from fines, especially in tourist towns and small communities, further increases the debate. Florence alone generated over €23 million in revenue from radar fines in 2022.

Risk of high fines and up to three years in prison

While some celebrate “Fleximan” as a modern-day Robin Hood, there is also open criticism of his illegal actions. Experts and relatives of the victims emphasize the importance of speed controls for safety. The offenses can result in high fines and up to three years in prison for those involved. Despite intense searches and surveillance videos, the police have yet to make any progress.

Political reactions to “Fleximan”

The actions of “Fleximan” also reached political circles. Right-wing populist Transport Minister Matteo Salvini is using the situation to position himself as a defender of drivers’ rights and has announced measures to reduce speed traps. This development reflects the social and political divide in debates over road safety and surveillance.

In Italy, the actions of imitators such as “Fleximan” and “Dossoman” removing traffic barriers in Brescia find both support and opposition. The debate about road safety and the perception of speed traps as a financial rip-off remains a controversial issue in Italian society and politics.


Source: Vienna


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