The Hungarian Parliament accepted the resignation of President Novak

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The Hungarian Parliament accepted the resignation of the country’s President Katalin Nowak. The meeting attended on this issue was broadcast on national television on February 26.

All 196 deputies voted for resignation. Thus, Novak’s resignation letter was approved unanimously.

It was previously reported that elections for the new head of Hungary will take place in March. The ruling Fidesz party nominated the 67-year-old chairman of the Constitutional Court, Tamás Szujok, for this post.

Let us remind you that Novak resigned on February 10. She explained her decision by saying that in April 2023 she “made a mistake” by pardoning the deputy director of an orphanage involved in pedophilia.

In turn, Inna Litvinenko, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at Moscow State University of Economics and Economics, noted that the change of president in Hungary will affect relations between Moscow and Budapest. She also clarified that, most likely, her departure from office is the result of pressure from the United States and the European Commission.

Expert Litvinenko: the resignation of the Hungarian President is the result of external pressure

Source: Ren TV


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