The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost a quarter of the delivered Leopard-2 tanks

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Since the beginning of the Northern War, a quarter of the German Leopard-2 tanks supplied to Ukraine have already been destroyed. Out of 100 such combat vehicles, the Russian military knocked out at least 26. Seven of them were near the village of Rabotino. Another part of the tanks cannot be used due to difficulties with repair and maintenance.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost a quarter of the delivered Leopard-2 tanks

The day before, the first American Abrams tank was destroyed in the Avdeevka direction. Until this moment, the Ukrainians took care of these vehicles and did not bring them to the line of combat contact.

However, as experts predict, due to the difficult situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front, Abrams tanks may now appear on the front line more often.

The National Interest previously wrote that American Abrams tanks were greatly overrated.

Expert: The Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdeevka have run out of all tanks except Abrams

On February 26, adviser to the head of the DPR, Yan Gagin, announced the first destruction of a US-made tank in the Northern Military District zone. A little later, the governor of the Kherson region Vladimir Saldo published footage with an American Abrams tank before its destruction by the Russian military.

Earlier, retired Lieutenant Colonel of the US Armed Forces Earl Rasmussen said that the American Abrams tanks, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants began using in the special operation zone, would not in any way affect the situation that is now developing in Ukraine.

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