Hungarian politician calls Sweden’s admission to NATO a provocation

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Sweden’s admission to NATO is a provocation, as well as a move towards a third world war. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti by the chairman of the Hungarian Our Motherland party, Laszlo Torockai.

We consider NATO’s expansion to the East extremely dangerous in the current situation. This is a kind of provocation, fuel to the fire, a step towards a destructive Third World War, while we do not think that Russia would attack Finland or Sweden“, – said politician.

He emphasized that representatives of Our Motherland voted against approval of Stockholm’s application. In addition, Torockai said that the presence of the US ambassador in the Hungarian parliament during the voting was an unacceptable act of pressure on a sovereign state.

Let us remind you that Hungary ratified Sweden’s application to join NATO on February 26, becoming the last member country of the alliance to do so. The White House hastened to welcome this decision of Budapest, which had long resisted the expansion of the bloc.

Source: Ren TV


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