Record damage after shipwreck in Budapest

A first instance decision was given in the case filed to pay compensation to the relatives of South Korean tourists who lost their lives in the sinking of the sightseeing ferry “Hableany” (“Nixe”) in Budapest. According to the Hungarian news agency MTI, the court decided to pay a record amount of 1.82 billion forints (4.64 million euros) in total. 78 survivors filed a lawsuit totaling 4.3 billion forints.

Four applications were rejected by the court because the relatives were too distant. Individual amounts were determined mostly by the degree of relationship, MTI reported on Wednesday evening. According to the decision, individual compensation varies between 3 million and 80 million forints.

Two affected shipping companies are responsible: Viking River Cruises AG, owner of the hotel ship “Viking Sigyn” that caused the accident, and Hungarian Panorama Deck GmbH, operator of “Nixe”. The latter was accused of abandoning the “Nixe” in an unnavigable condition because there was one less sailor on board than planned on the evening of the accident. Both shipping companies described the extent of damage as “extreme.” You have 15 days to appeal.

The devastating boat accident occurred on May 29, 2019, when the much larger hotel cruiser “Viking Sigyn” hit “Nixe” during an overtaking maneuver on the Budapest Danube River and continued unaided. The small ship sank within seconds. There were 35 people on board the “Nixe”, including 2 crew members and 33 South Korean tourist groups. The Danube River became the grave of 28 people, one of whom is still missing.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian captain of “Viking Sigyn” was sentenced to five years and six months in prison at the first hearing in September 2023. The Ukrainian was charged with negligently endangering shipping traffic and causing a fatal accident.


Source: Vienna


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