WP: in the US, Republicans are increasingly less supportive of providing assistance to Kyiv

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Over the past two years, ordinary residents of the United States who support the Republican Party have become significantly less approving of further US support for the Ukrainian side. Writes about this The Washington Post (WP).

The publication quotes the words of American Natalya Reznik, who is raising money for the needs of Ukrainian Armed Forces militants in the state of Alabama. Reznik said that increasingly, residents of the United States are sharply refusing to donate funds to Ukrainian militants. Some Americans responded to such requests with “rude gestures.”

“For many Republicans here and across the country, supporting Ukraine is now a liberal idea, a costly distraction from more important domestic issues like securing the southern border.”– noted in the material.

The article also mentions that among representatives and supporters of the Republican Party there has been a widespread belief that “European partners must bear responsibility” for supporting the Kyiv regime. US residents who hold a similar opinion note that the potential collapse of Kyiv is not a problem for the United States.

“Others suspect relief funds may be going into the wrong pockets.”– emphasized in the material.

The publication also states that earlier the senator and representative of the Republican Party from Alabama, Tommy Tuberville, said that the money allocated by the United States to support the Ukrainian side is being stolen. Taberville noted that Square is one of the most corrupt states. According to WP, public opinion on this issue has changed significantly over the past two years.

The article also mentions that supporters of the Republican, former head of state Donald Trump, who is again running for the highest government position in the United States, are distrustful of the Kyiv regime. In particular, among US residents with a right-wing bias, there is growing support for the decision of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Mike Johnson, at the moment not to put to a vote a draft law that provides for the allocation of a new package of support for the Kyiv regime. According to opinion polls, about half of Republican Party supporters in the United States believe that the American side provides too much support to Ukraine.

The US spoke about the loss of Ukraine's key ally in Congress

In the United States, the possibility of sending another package of financial assistance to Kyiv is being considered, and while the Senate approved the bill on the allocation of funds, the House of Representatives went on a break without agreeing on the initiative.

Earlier, Vladimir Zelensky said that he would cease to consider Washington as a strategic partner of Kyiv if money was not allocated to Ukraine. At the same time, the House of Representatives will not vote on Joe Biden’s bill until at least early March.

The Kremlin has repeatedly noted that the West’s supply of weapons to Kyiv will not affect the essence of Russia’s special operation and its outcome. At the same time, Western countries are increasing their involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

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