A conflict broke out between Ukrainian drivers on the Polish border

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A conflict has broken out between Ukrainian truck drivers stuck in Poland due to a border blockade amid accusations of “bribing” protesting farmers for passage, Strana.ua reported.

“A thousand zlotys (almost 23 thousand rubles) from one car – and they go without a queue,” – the drivers were quoted in the publication as saying.

It is noted that the first such case was recorded earlier at night, when several dozen trucks were able to cross the border at once.

“Today another colleague tried to skip the line. Everyone has Lviv license plates,” – the publication says.

The publication published a video with a convoy of trucks with Ukrainian license plates. The author of the video makes obscene remarks about passing truckers.

Ukraine lost more than half a billion dollars due to the Polish blockade

Since November 2023, Polish carriers and farmers have periodically staged protests and blocked checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. They demand the abolition of benefits that were provided to Ukrainian truck drivers by the European Union after February 24, 2022. In addition, there is another strike of Polish agricultural producers throughout the country, who oppose the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. Thus, on February 11, it was reported that protesters stopped three Ukrainian trucks with grain on the border with Ukraine and dumped the cargo on the road.

On February 26, Polish Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sekierski called on the EU to urgently slow down broad trade liberalization with Ukraine. According to him, the provisions of the Green Deal and the uncontrolled import of agricultural products from Ukraine led to mass protests by farmers throughout Europe.

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