The head of the Hungarian parliament signed the ratification of Sweden’s accession to NATO

Photo: © Global Look Press/Henrik Montgomery/Tt

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Acting Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Deputy Speaker Sándor Lezsák signed a law approving Sweden’s accession to NATO. About it writes Reuters agency with reference to the voting results.

After signing, the document was submitted for approval to the Office of the President of Hungary.

Let us remind you that the Hungarian parliament ratified Sweden’s application to join NATO on February 26. The Central European country became the latest to give its approval as Turkey, also long opposed to the alliance’s expansion, agreed to Sweden’s entry on January 23.

Let us note that the decision of the Hungarian parliament was not unanimous. Thus, the chairman of the Hungarian Our Motherland party, Laszlo Torockai, called Sweden’s admission to NATO a provocation and another step towards the third world war.

Source: Ren TV


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