Al Jazeera: One killed, 26 others wounded in Gaza strike

Al Jazeera: One person killed and 26 others injured in Gaza when queue for humanitarian aid was hit

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One person was killed and 26 others were injured in the Gaza Strip as a result of an attack on a humanitarian aid line. This is reported by Al Jazeera.

“One person was killed and 26 others were injured in an attack on people waiting for humanitarian aid near the Nabulsi roundabout, west of Gaza,” – the message says.

Earlier, on February 29, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that dozens of Palestinians died in a stampede under the wheels of trucks delivering humanitarian aid to northern Gaza.

According to the Israeli channel I24 News, as a result of the incident, some Gazans moved towards the positions of the IDF soldiers, who opened fire on them. The Gaza Ministry of Health, in turn, stated that more than 100 Palestinians who were waiting for humanitarian aid in the area were killed by IDF fire.

Smoke rises over the Gaza Strip after being hit by Israeli missiles


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