Kneissl said that the West has already sent NATO troops to Ukraine

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Kneissl said that the West has already sent NATO troops to Ukraine

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Troops of Western states are already in Ukraine. This was stated TASS former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry Karin Kneissl at the World Youth Festival.

Kneissl noted that this information was confirmed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. According to her, the presence of Western troops in Ukraine is no longer a secret or a state secret.

“These troops are already there. Chancellor Scholz admitted this when he said that if we send missiles, we will have to send German troops, as the British did. This has already been admitted.”said the former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

Karin Kneissl also emphasized that the British Armed Forces are training Ukrainian special forces.

Kneissl: publication of military conversation shows the lack of professionalism of the German elite

Let us recall that in recent days the West has repeatedly heard statements about the possibility of a clash between NATO countries and the Russian Federation. This scenario, in particular, is being considered by the United States, which became clear on February 29 after the words of Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, who admitted the possibility of a war between the Alliance and Russia if Ukraine is defeated. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the words of the US Secretary of Defense irresponsible and escalating tension. According to Peskov, Austin’s statement shows the worldview of NATO, which considers Ukraine its territory, and also confirms once again that the launch of a special operation by Russia was the right decision.

Prior to this, French President Emmanuel Macron said that he allowed the option of sending NATO forces to Ukraine. On March 2, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a press conference following the Diplomatic Forum in Antalya, noted that statements by Macron and Austin about a military conflict with Russia indicate that the “war party” that has formed in the West does not intend to change its anti-Russian course. In addition, Lavrov drew attention to the dialogue of Bundeswehr officers published on March 1 about attacks on the Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles, calling it a blatant revelation.

Meanwhile, the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, during the announcement of his message to the Federal Assembly, emphasized that Russia is ready to negotiate with the United States on the issue of strategic stability, but the ruling circles in Washington are taking open hostile actions against our country, trying to inflict a strategic defeat on the Russian state.

Let us recall that Ukrainian illegal armed groups have been staffed by foreign mercenaries since 2014, when Kyiv began a military operation against the residents of Donbass. The militants included people from Sweden, France, Italy, Canada, Slovenia and other countries.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly emphasized that foreign mercenaries, according to international humanitarian law, do not have the status of combatants. Russia has repeatedly pointed out that these individuals came to Ukraine to earn money by killing Slavs.

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