ZDF posted a video for children about the Taurus rocket, which “wants” to Ukraine

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Children’s program logo! German state broadcaster ZDF published a video about the Taurus cruise missile, which supposedly “wants” to get to Ukraine, but cannot because of the “vacillating” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The video appeared on February 27, but the German media paid attention to it only in March. The video was posted on YouTube channel logo!pluswhose materials are called “children’s news” ZDF.

The footage shows a “conversation” between the Taurus, the British and French Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles, as well as the Polish Leopard 2 tank. The military equipment was voiced by “children’s voices.”

“We cruise missiles should have given Olaf Scholz a fair shake… Because he still refuses to send me to Ukraine”– the Taurus rocket was indignant, and Leopard 2 recalled that the same situation had happened to it.

The Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles, in turn, boasted that they had already been transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). According to them, Taurus will be a bad rocket if it does not appear in Ukraine in the near future. The French SCALP “suggests” that Scholz is not sending the Taurus because it is “hesitant and hesitant again.” In response, the German missile states that this is due to its long range and the chancellor’s fear that the projectile “will miss its target and hit Russia.”

Users did not appreciate ZDF’s “humour”, calling the video vile. Commentators were outraged that such videos were shown to their children.

Later, the editors of the YouTube channel logo!plus thanked viewers in the comments for their feedback and criticism and clarified that the published entry refers to a “comedy format” for the program’s TikTok account, the materials of which are intended for teenagers over 13 years old.

FAZ: leaking audio with officers did not change Scholz’s position on Taurus missiles for Kyiv

On February 26, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruled out the supply of Taurus missiles to the Kyiv regime, saying that this step could involve Berlin in the conflict. On February 29, he explained the reluctance to transfer Taurus missiles to Kyiv due to their ability to hit targets in Moscow.

On March 1, RT TV channel editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan published an audio recording and text of a conversation between German officers who discussed plans to destroy the Crimean Bridge using Taurus missiles and a French Dassault Rafale fighter. The participants in the conversation were the head of the operations and exercises department of the Bundeswehr Air Force Command Frank Graefe, the Bundeswehr Air Force Inspector Ingo Gerhartz and employees of the air operations center of the Bundeswehr Space Command Fenske and Frostedt.

The authenticity of the recording was confirmed by major German media the next day. According to Bild, the conversation between Bundeswehr representatives could have been intercepted in Singapore, where one of the participants in the conversation was located.

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the German side promptly provide an explanation about the audio recording. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the situation, emphasized that the recording of a conversation between officers from Germany is a blatant revelation.

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