The Supreme Court authorizes Donald Trump to run in the primaries: “A great victory for the United States”

The Supreme Court of USA has declared the expulsion of the former president unconstitutional donald trump of the Republican primaries in Colorado. This ruling paves the way for him to be elected as his party’s candidate for president.

The magistrates of the Supreme Courtwhere conservatives have a majority, explain, citing the Constitution, that it is the responsibility of Congress and not the states to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which was used by the Colorado Supreme Court to rule against Trump.

Attempted “insurrection”

The Colorado Supreme Court found that Donald Trump participated in an attempted “insurrection,” a fact that disqualifies him from holding public office, as established in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, an amendment approved in the year 1868, after the Civil War in the United States. His objective was to prevent the rebellious southerners of the Confederacy from gaining power.

“We conclude that states may disqualify persons who hold or attempt to hold state office. However, States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal positions, especially the Presidency,” the ruling reads.

The decision was unanimous, a fact that marks the more direct intervention of the Supreme Courtin an election Since the Bush v. Gore, who settled a dispute over votes in Florida.

The parties were heard

In early February, a hearing was held to hear the parties’ arguments in the Colorado case. At that time they were already reticent about the implications that the Trump’s expulsion from the primaries of that state, especially in view of the November elections.

The most progressive judges, and also the most conservative, showed their discomfort in interventions with individual states interpreting a candidate’s constitutional eligibility for national office.

Trump’s reaction

After hearing the Supreme Court ruling, Donald Trump has reacted by ensuring that “It is a great victory for the United States“. His appearance is expected soon, although the exact moment when it will occur is not known.

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