The Bundestag ruled out the start of a direct conflict between NATO and Russia

Member of the Bundestag Otten: there will be no direct conflict between NATO and Russia

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NATO will not enter into direct conflict with Russia over Ukraine. A corresponding statement was made by a member of the Bundestag Defense Committee, Herold Otten.

There are NATO countries that support Ukraine, but we are talking only about bilateral support. This is not NATO as an organization” – he is quoted as saying “News“.

Earlier, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin noted that the defeat of Ukraine could lead to the start of a war between Russia and NATO.

It is worth noting that relations between Russia and Germany have now become tense after the publication of a conversation between high-ranking German officers.

The text of the conversation between the German officers, and then the audio recording, was published on March 1 by the editor-in-chief of the RT television channel, Margarita Simonyan. Participants in the conversation, in which the Germans discuss plans to destroy the Crimean Bridge using Taurus missiles and the French Dassault Rafale fighter, were the head of the operations and exercises department of the Bundeswehr Air Force Command Frank Graefe, the Bundeswehr Air Force inspector Ingo Gerhartz and employees of the air operations center of the Bundeswehr Space Command Fenske and Frostedte .

The authenticity of the recording was confirmed by major German media the next day. According to Bild, the conversation between Bundeswehr representatives could have been intercepted in Singapore, where one of the participants in the conversation was located.

German government spokesman Wolfgang Büchner said that the intercepted conversation between Bundeswehr officers about the possibility of an attack on the Crimean Bridge allegedly does not indicate Germany is preparing for war with Russia. In turn, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius emphasized that he is not going to speculate about possible resignations.

Source: Ren TV


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