The Israeli army sees clear indications that Gaza terrorists also abducted women as “slaves” during the October 7 attack on Israel. The military has released audio recordings it claims were made during the invasion.

Male voices are heard on the recordings. According to Israel, they were also employees of the Palestinian UN aid agency UNRWA. For example, a teacher at an UNRWA school reportedly said he had grabbed a “slave,” army spokesman Daniel Hagary said at a news conference Monday evening. The authenticity of the recordings initially could not be independently verified. UNRWA’s response to the allegations was initially expected.

According to Israeli sources, the man used the Arabic word “sabaija” in the conversation. The term refers to women and children who are the personal property of a Muslim, Hagari said. But it also means “servant” and “slave.” In the language of the IS (Islamic State) terrorist group, which temporarily ruled large parts of Syria and Iraq, women – especially those from the Yazidi minority – were subjected to sexual violence using the term. In addition, another terrorist can be heard on the audio recording calling the woman in his power a “noble mare.” Initially, this information could not be independently verified.

UN report acknowledges sexual violence against Israeli women

Meanwhile, a UN report raises the possibility of sexual violence as a result of the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on October 7. According to a document prepared by UN envoy Pramila Patten after a visit to Israel, there are “reasonable grounds to believe” that rape and gang rape occurred in at least three locations.

In the attack, terrorists from Hamas and other extremist groups killed 1,200 people and kidnapped another 250 as hostages in the Gaza Strip. Israel responded with massive air strikes and ground offensives. Israel estimates that 134 hostages, including about 20 women, are still in the hands of terrorists. According to Israeli information, only about 100 hostages survived. (dpa/kg)

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